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Newport Daily News

 What started as a two-room event on the top floor of Christie’s featuring Patrick Murphy’s photography from his gallery, The King’s Lens and Friends, alongside a few other local vendors, has quickly grown into a Newport festival garnering more than 600 ticket holders on the Great Friends Meeting House lawn...



NEwport This Week

In just its sophomore season, the Live Local Music and Arts Festival, scheduled for July 21 on the grounds of the Great Friends Meeting House, is on its way to becoming a staple of the local music scene.Co-founder Patrick Murphy shared the concept behind the festival and what’s planned for this year, with Newport This Week.


The Rhode show

"The Live Local Music Festival celebrates Newport's art and culture, as well as Rhode Island as a whole. There will be art, music, and food to celebrate. We were joined by Jamie Horoszko and Patrick Murphy, co-founders of Live Local -- both excited to talk about what this year's festival has in store!"